Put your community or organization on the path to success by developing a workable plan to meet local needs. The Partnership offers comprehensive planning services to take you from concept to completion.

  • Local needs assessments
  • Community goal setting
  • Project plan and timeline development
  • Project financing

No matter your housing or development needs, the Partnership works to find solutions that are appropriate to your community, integrated into the larger development goals you’ve identified, and informed by independent research and public input.

The Partnership employs community development staff with a wealth of experience in planning with greater Minnesota communities. Find out more about planning assistance by emailing us at

Making a Plan

Want to make smart growth decisions for your community? Start by conducting a Housing Study. Housing Studies are conducted by independent researchers who evaluate resources, patterns, and gaps in communities of all sizes. By identifying needs and strengths, a Housing Study helps community members to develop a clearer and more unified vision for long-term sustainability and growth.

The Study isn’t the end of the process however. The Partnership works closely with communities to identify specific projects that meet needs revealed in the Study and to secure funds to defray the costs of planning. This leads to a detailed development plan, which can inform policy decisions for a decade or more.

To learn how Housing Studies and Community Development Plans can increase the success of your community initiatives, contact us at

From Plan to Action

Putting a Development Plan into action takes coordination. The Partnership provides expertise to put your plan in motion:

  • Project Feasibility Analysis: Evaluating the location, scale, and costs of proposed projects is important to the long-term success of any community initiative. The Partnership has developed over 5,000 units in southwest and south central Minnesota since 1992 and has learned what works (and what doesn’t) in housing.
  • Pre-development Financing: Getting a project off the ground often requires some initial funds for activities like engineering, site planning, and environmental reviews. The Partnership has over 15 years experience working with grantmakers and investors, and can help you to identify and secure funding for your projects.

Find out more about planning successful projects by emailing us at