Rick Goodemann

Chief Executive Officer

Lisa Graphenteen

Chief Operating Officer

Janet Schaeffer

Housing Technician

Jacklyn Schoo

Administrative Assistant

Khou Lor

Organizational Manager

Chelsea Alger

Resource Development Officer

Michael Heidkamp

Real Estate Development Officer

Pam Schreier

Real Estate Development Coordinator

Jennifer Landgraff

Financial Controller

Kristel Nelson

Accountant II

Jorge Lopez

Director of Construction Services

Barb Kirchner

Construction Services Manager

Craig Skorczewski

Project Manager

Tyler Goedtke

Project Manager

Jesse Schott

Project Manager

James Arentson


Kristie Blankenship

Director of Property and Asset Management

Sharie Bergman

Project Accountant

Ali Joens

Director of Homeownership Services

Mary Burlingame

Homeownership Advisor

Michele Clarke

Program and Lending Manager

Jennifer Cooper

Senior Accountant

Amy VanEck

Asset Manager

Shawn Nelson

Project Manager, Southwest Building Specialists, Inc.

Jenn Lamb

Supportive Housing Specialist

Carrie Chum

Homeownership Advisor

Cory Merrill

Real Estate Development Officer