Chad Adams

Chief Executive Officer

Kristie Blankenship

Chief Operating Officer

Cynthia Rivera

Executive Assistant

Vicky Ross

Database Coordinator

Jennifer Lamb

Director of Resource & Program Development

Stephanie Holicky

Fundraising and Communications Specialist

Jeff Cordes

Chief Financial Officer

Debra Zellar

Senior Accountant

Vicki Tillman

Senior Accountant

Ann Lang

Staff Accountant

Jen Theneman

Director of Real Estate & Community Development

Jasmine Frias

Real Estate & Community Development Officer

Leah Petricka

Real Estate Development Officer

Pam Schreier

Real Estate Development Coordinator

Ali Joens

Director of Homeownership Services

Mary Grack

Homeownership Advisor

Nichelle Shannon

Homeownership Advisor

Jesse Schott

Director of Construction Services

Jeannie Swanson

Construction Services Manager

James Arentson


Craig Skorczewski

Project Manager

Shawn Nelson

Project Manager

Ashley Vargas

Asset Manager

Joel Hollerich

Asset Manager

Ashley McCarthy

Director of Supportive Services

Aaron Jennings

Resident Services Navigator

Paige Petersen

Resident Services Navigator

Lillian Lamoreux

Continuum of Care Coordinator