The SWMHP is not a first mortgage provider. There are opportunities available for down payment assistance, gap loans and rehabilitation loans. Contact Joel for more information.

The SWMHP does not have funds available to help with foreclosure.  The SWMHP will provide you counseling so you know your rights, discover any workout options and in some instances submit documentation to your lender.  Contact Mary

We are not a credit counseling or credit repair agency.  We will not negotiate with your creditors or make payments on your behalf.  We will provide you the tools to work with your creditors on paying off debts, how to dispute errors on your credit report, and provide information on credit building tools that are available.  Contact Mary to help you reach your financial goals.

There are loan programs available that do not require you to have a down payment.  You do need some funds for closing costs.  Contact Mary to help you find a loan that best fits your situation.

There are loan programs that will utilize non-traditional credit.  Contact Mary to help you find a loan that fits your situation.

Each loan program is different. Contact Mary to help you find a loan that fits your situation.

Homebuyers that receive homebuyer education and counseling are better equipped to make smart financial and home purchase decisions.  It has also been shown that those that attend education and/or counseling make smarter financial choices, have a higher credit score, and are less likely to be delinquent on their mortgages.  The purchase of a home will be the largest purchase you will ever make.  It should be an educated one. Current Classes

Contact the SWMHP Program Lending Underwriter at 507-836-1617 to answer your questions on your loan with the SWMHP.

The SWMHP Advisor will work with you on getting ready to purchase home.  The Advisor can review your credit, determine your affordability and what mortgage products may be available. Take your first step and contact Mary today.

The SWMHP is not a general contractor and they will not come to your home and do the remodel or repairs.  However, the SWMHP has access to loan products that are available to help with rehabilitation needs.  Contact Joel to see what options you may have.

You can Kristie with the Asset Management Department to be put on a waiting list for a project under construction.

In addition to developing new rental units, SWMHP is interested in the preservation of existing affordable housing.  Our focus is on the preservation of units in strong rental markets with rental assistance tied to the property.  If you own rental housing and want to inquire to see if SWMHP is interested in your property please contact our Real Estate Division.

We might! Please check out Find a Home to see what may be available in your area.

SWMHP can assist individuals and families, local units of government, rental and commercial property owners, as well as other nonprofit organization through our programs and development assistance.

SWMHP is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization. SWMHP does, however, partner with several government organizations on projects and programs.

SWMHP funds come from a variety of sources including but not limited to foundations, federal or state grants, administrative fees from program delivery, and developer fees from our real estate development work.  We also provide some services on a fee for service basis.