Regional Housing Awards (2012)
Southwest Region Homeownership Advisors Network Service Award

Regional Housing Awards (2012)
Southwest Region Achieve Homeownership Initiative: Enriching Families, Strengthening Communities

National Center for Healthy Housing (March, 2011)
Green Housing=Improved Health: A winning Combination (Viking Terrace)

HOPE Award Finalists (May, 2011)
One of sixteen finalists across the country. Helping minority achieve homeownership.

National Safe and Healthy Housing Coalition (2011)
National award for contributions to healthy homes movement (specifically low-income, people of color, children, and older adults)

NeighborWorks® America / Stable Communities Case Study (August, 2010)
Stabilizing Rural Communities Through Housing Partnerships

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation: Commission to Build a Healthier America (September, 2010)
Meet Abang Ojullu (Viking Terrace)

Federal Home Loan Bank of Des Moines (2009)
Community Banking: A Partnership for Tomorrow (Dale Roemmich)

PULSE Minnesota Medicine: A Dose of Housing (February, 2009)
Why would a health foundation take interest in a housing project or environmental toxins? (Viking Terrace)

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota Foundation (October 30, 2009)
Our Neighborhoods and Our Health (Viking Terrace)

Minnesota Housing Finance Agency (February 29, 2008)
Partners in Affordable Housing – Multifamily Rental Housing Partner of the Year Award

Affordable Housing Finance: 2008 Young Leaders (September, 2008)
Young Developer Makes Her Stand in the Tenderloin (Lisa Graphenteen)

Homes for Working Families: Understanding Employer-Assisted Housing (2007)
The Schwan Food Company & Parkway Development in Marshall

Enterprise / Green Communities: Affordable Housing’s Green Future (2007)
Building a Movement for Durable, Healthier & More Efficient Housing (Viking Terrace)

Governing (December, 2007)
Green Affordable Housing (Viking Terrace)

Minnesota Environmental Initiative Awards (May 17, 2007)
Green Building & Development (Viking Terrace)

Housing for All Americans: The Best Affordable Housing Developments (2006-2007)
Rural Development Finalist (Viking Terrace)

Workforce Housing: Innovative Strategies and Best Practices (2006)
Urban Land Institute/Fannie Mae Foundation/Homes for Working Families
(Marshall Parkway)

Greater Minnesota Housing Fund (2003)
Model Project Award (Nicollet Meadows)

Minnesota Partners in Affordable Housing (2002)
Pauline Carlson Award for Excellence in Development

Minnesota Recovers Task Force (1998)
Award of Excellence for Flood Recovery Efforts