Since 1992, the Southwest Minnesota Housing Partnership has been busy – busy bringing new resources, new homes, and new life to communities throughout southern Minnesota. Here’s just a taste:

New Resources

  • Gathered over $736,000,158 of public and private investment to the region.
  • Initiated and developed comprehensive homebuyer services, which has now served 4,862 people in education, 1,551 households in mortgage counseling, 284 households in foreclosure counseling, 323 households in post-purchase/counseling, 179 households in financial literacy, and 69 households in financial coaching, 20 households in rental education and helped 30 households with starting a savings program.
  • Brought in private investor tax credit projects to create 1,243 affordable rental units.
  • Financed 1,574 rental units through essential function bonds and other sources.
  • 270 loans through Loan Loss Reserve provided to Southwest Initiative Fund, enabling businesses to purchase, repair, and improve business buildings for downtown revitalization, preserving 370 jobs and creating 244 new jobs.
  • 36 loans through Loan Loss Reserve provided to Greater Minnesota Housing Fund for multi-family preservation of 1,388 units.

New Homes

  • Enabled 404 households to purchase homes with low-interest mortgages, gap financing, or closing cost assistance.
  • Facilitated 258 emerging markets households to purchase homes.
  • Provided access to land and housing to¬†32 households through the Partnership Community Land Trust.
  • Constructed 299 new affordable single-family homes in growing communities.
  • Provided 109 units of service-enriched housing for families and individuals with health needs.


  • Rehabilitated 1,893 homes and 3,140 rental housing units for low-income families in local communities.
  • Repaired 347 downtown businesses and community buildings.
  • Provided disaster relief services to 629 families affected by tornadoes or floods.
  • Prepared 670 lots for new housing development.