Continuum of Care

If you are facing homelessness, go to
Continuum of Care Coordinator: Justin Vorbach 507-530-2942 or Email Justin


FY2021 Collaborative and Project Applications to Housing and Urban Development

FY2021 Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO) for Continuum of Care Competition

FY 2021 HUD CoC NOFO Public Posting Announcement with Local Deadlines

FY 2021 MN-511 CoC Grants Eligible for Renewal

CoC Rating and Ranking Procedure & CoC Process for Reallocation

2021 Project Ranking and Scoring Form

Coordinated Entry Assessment and Forms

Client Handout at Intake

2021 Coordinated Entry Assessment Form

CES Post-Assessment Client Receipt

HUD Defining and Documenting Disability

Disability Verification Form

SW MN Emergency Housing Voucher Application 2021