Continuum of Care

If you are facing homelessness, go to
Continuum of Care Coordinator: Justin Vorbach 507-530-2942 or Email Justin


FY2021 Collaborative and Project Applications to Housing and Urban Development

CoC Approved Collaborative Application

CoC Approved Priority Listing Application

Public Posting – Projects Accepted and Ranked

FY2021 Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO) for Continuum of Care Competition

FY 2021 HUD CoC NOFO Public Posting Announcement with Local Deadlines

FY 2021 MN-511 CoC Grants Eligible for Renewal

CoC Rating and Ranking Procedure & CoC Process for Reallocation

2021 Project Ranking and Scoring Form



Coordinated Entry Assessment and Forms

Client Handout at Intake

2022 SW MN Coordinated Entry Assessment Form

CES Post-Assessment Client Receipt

HUD Defining and Documenting Disability

Disability Verification Form

SW MN Emergency Housing Voucher Application 2021