Supportive Services

Access to safe and affordable housing, free from barriers is one of the first steps in a person’s recovery and healing. By coordinating for and/or providing supportive housing services to residents at some of our properties, serving as administrator of rental assistance programs, and actively engaging in regional and statewide coalitions, the SWMHP Supportive Housing team works to reduce barriers for housing, particularly for people with a history of homelessness or with mental illness or chemical dependency.

How We Work

We partner with resources and service providers in communities across our service area to arrange for permanent supportive housing for residents who typically have a number of barriers to stable housing. Receiving these services often provides access to rental assistance to make units affordable and ensures that participants with criminal backgrounds can still access housing.

SWMHP administers two different rental assistance programs — one serving households who have a history of homelessness and another serving households with a history of severe and persistent mental illness. We provide supportive services and housing case management to 38 units within our 63 unit supportive housing portfolio and serve as a third-party service provider for another developer within the Southeast region of Minnesota.

Who We Serve and Partner With

We partner with regional homeless response systems (Continuums of Care) in both Southwest and South central/Southeast Minnesota to work on the issue of solving homelessness in a strategic way at a regional level.  We also partner with local service providers, ranging from county Department of Human Services, mental health & chemical treatment providers, housing case management providers, our property management company and the organization as a whole.

Supportive Housing (Continuum of Care)

The Partnership believes that Supportive Housing is an important tool for communities and agencies seeking to increase housing stability for higher-need families and individuals. The Partnership, a renowned housing developer with over 15 years of experience, has on staff a well-trained Supportive Housing Specialist whose role is to develop and manage collaborations with social services agencies working within properties the Partnership owns or develops. From project planning to implementation to reporting, the Supportive Housing Specialist can help you navigate the process and take effective steps to make your project a success.

As a member of several regional homeless and housing advisory groups, the Partnership is actively engaged with communities throughout the region and familiar with funding sources, regulations, and best practices in supportive housing.

  • Developers and Property Owners: Use the expertise of the Supportive Housing Specialist to evaluate the local market for supportive housing, maximize funding opportunities through public and private sources, and broker management and services agreements for your development.
  • Services Agencies: Bring in a strong partner on your next project. Work with a developer who understands the goals of Supportive Housing and has experience financing, constructing, and managing housing developments in communities throughout Southern Minnesota.

For detailed information on how the Supportive Housing Specialist can help you develop Supportive Housing in your community, contact us at

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