Community Food Project

Community food project

The Solace Community Gardens developed as residents of Solace Apartments worked with artists to build their community.  A common theme was that access to healthy food was a challenge at times because food benefits and resources only went so far.  Someone stated they would love an outdoor space that they could work with their hands and other residents talked about wanting a space to share together.  From them, residents and artists worked to form a plan for Solace Gardens.

These gardens are meant to be beautiful with a variety of flowers planted throughout, functional with the fruit trees and vegetables that have been planted and will produce food for residents to play, as well as a space to work and gather for play.  Cafe tables and a porch swing serve as places to chat with your neighbor or kids. Varying heights of tree stumps become stepping stones and places for children to make believe. 

While final garden installation wasn’t completed until 2021, residents are looking forward to the full abundance the space has to offer them in the years ahead.